PRG REPORT: Survey report 2011-2012

We would like to thank all the patients who kindly completed our feedback questionnaire.

The questions on the survey were selected by the patients on our Patient Reference Group (PRG).

PRG profile:

The PRG consists of 65 people and is a fair representation of the population with members from various ethnic groups, some with learning or physical disabilities and mental health conditions.

The PRG profile is representative of all age groups except the very small number of patients aged over 85 (0.24% of the practice population) who declined the invitation to participate.

The PRG profile consists of 40% male and 60% female members.

Our PRG members reflect our diverse patient population, with 23% from different/unstated ethnicities, 41% of Pakistani origin and 3% of mixed heritage.

How the PRG was formed:

We displayed posters in the waiting area, offered leaflets to all patients attending the practice, as well as inviting patients the end of their GP/Nurse consultation.

How the priorities for the survey were set:

  • Asked PRG members
  • Asked patients attending the practice
  • Asked patients at face to face meetings
  • Emailed and discussed over the phone

The questions were designed to measure patient satisfaction/experience and to highlight areas that the practice can improve on. The survey was developed by the PRG in partnership with the Practice, based on the Practice’s complaints and significant events, as well as from the comments made on the NHS choices website and from general feedback from our patients and GP’s.

We did not include questions on which we had the highest achievement e.g. the recently refurbished, fully air-conditioned modern premises.

Results and actions:

Your views:

Most of you feel that our staff do a good job and are helpful, polite and friendly and although some of you feel that one or two improvements could be made, you are happy with the service you receive overall.

However, some of you had concerns about:

  • Our reception staff perhaps not being as friendly, flexible and helpful as you would like them to be
  • How the surgery communicates information with patients
  • The limited extended hours appointments (between 6:30-8pm) available on Monday.

Our response:

In response to the feedback given, there was an interim discussion of the survey results (prior to feedback from the PRG) at the practice team meeting held on 5th March 2012. 

The results were then distributed to the PRG for their feedback (most of the PRG members stated their preference to be contacted by email or post. )

After this, the practice team discussed the final action points prior to the results being published on the practice website and displayed in the waiting room on 30th March 2012.

In conclusion, we plan to:

  • Develop our customer care standards and provide regular training to our staff
  • Make more appointments available for our extended opening hours on Monday, rather than the limited appointments available for Monday AND Tuesday after liaising with the relevant Health Authority